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Install, repair or replace roofs and gutters with Service Magic Screened contractors in your area. Complete a short form to find local professionals matched to your needs. Get started now. Replacements. Installs and Repairs. Free Local Search for Roofing Contractors. All Businesses are pre-screened. Send an e-mail in and be contacted back for estimates and quotes. Find a metal roofing contractor or supplier. Metal Roofing Alliance member contractors are located throughout North America and can help you design and price a metal roofing system.

Our company is particularly convincing by quality. They are supervised by a flexible and competent team. We always keep you up-to-date with the latest technology through continuous training. The company Prangl supports us as a strong partner in special heights, which require lifting platforms, risers or cranes. This allows us to perform scaffold-free repairs on gutters, facades and terraces. Our roofs have been Hurricane Tested to over 200 MPH w/o failure. They are strong, durable, energy efficient, virtually maintenance free and have a limited lifetime warranty.

Doors provide not only weather protection but also security for the property. Nowadays there are many suitable design possibilities, optimal space utilization and the possibility of installing important lighting and ventilation as well as lightning protection and alternative energy technology. A tin roof with roofing contractor indianapolis is very easy to clean and thus relieves the household.Prevention is better than remediation! The roof is the most important but also the most heavily stressed component of a building. It must provide only the interior protection. Therefore, every roofing should be checked in a certain time. On request, we will gladly take care of this. Does your contractor use the best materials (shingles) for your job or does he use an inferior brand to save himself money? Does your contractor disclose the brand of shingles he will use? Have your contractor discuss the different types of shingles (3-tab, architect, dementional, shakes, etc.) and the years of the manufacturer warranty.

With this single-family house the entire old shaft star was removed and restored by a complete braiding with PREFA ALU and a new Eternitdeckung. A complete flat roof was renovated with this object. The roof area was about 600 m². Here in the 20 district approx. 120lfm Helopallensterdeckungen were mounted. On this façade all soffs / windowsills were renewed. Zinc-plated steel was used to ensure a long-term rehabilitation. A particular challenge was to incorporate the façade, which often stood back and forth. Our company Roofing Italia srl ​​was established in 2005 with the specific intention of distributing the GERARD roof system product throughout Italy.

After having demonstrated that all the business demands dictated by the manufacturer, AHI ROOFING LDT, a New Zealand company that produces the Gerard cover, has been able to sign an exclusivity agreement throughout the country, so we can boast of being the official distributor of A world leader in its field. The many successes accumulated in Italy (around 250,000 square meters) and the rest of the world (annual sales of about 8 million square meters) demonstrate the thickness of the material we represent and the organizational and commercial skills we are capable of. The central warehouse for Europe is located in the free Trieste port, which allows us to deliver the goods within 15 days from the date of order throughout Italy. The technical and commercial advantages included in the GERARD Roof System product are described in the product profile section and technical data sheets. We install and repair asphalt shingles, flat roofs, slate roofs, gutter systems, and more. Fully insured. Easy financing available. Serving CT and the Queens and Bronx areas of NY.