What are crossbows?

Best crossbows are an improved bow. A bow needs quality training and a lot of
strength to master. On the other hand, the technology of the crossbow is built in such a way that a large part of the work has been simplified for you. You just need a few training sessions to be ready to use a crossbow.

Why Are Crossbows Important To Hunters?

• For Acquiring Skills: Archery is easily one of the best sports that you can decide to engage in. When you must have practiced several times with a crossbow, you will be able to have a fundamental understanding of how it works. Only then can you embark on a journey to perfect your craft and put in more practice to improve your accuracy further.

• Prevention Of Injury:
More often than not, when you sustain a shoulder injury, it can prevent you from using your compound bow. In this case, the crossbow is a good option to use during the archery season to avoid extra strain on an already
injured arm.

• It Is Cost Effective:
Crossbows tend to be quite cheaper when compared to the other types of hunting weapons. Despite the fact that its prices range from really affordable to fantastic prices depending on your taste and personal style, the odds are high that you will find one that fits your budget. Once purchased, the expenses on a crossbow are substantially minimized.

• It is relatively easy to use:
Even though there is an initial learning curve with crossbows, that is surmounted in no time. Once you have shot a dozen times with the crossbow, you will just continue to get better. Also, the learning curve with this bow type is relatively small.

• It is easy to maintain:
Crossbows are simpler and cheaper to maintain than guns. If you ensure that the strings are waxed adequately, and the arrowheads are sharp, you are through with the maintenance. Crossbows are also easy to store. They can easily be dismantled and stored in a lot of places without compromising the safety of anyone.

Tips To Consider When Buying A Crossbow

• Use:
While you are planning to purchase a crossbow, the first thing you have to consider is its use; what do you need a crossbow for? If you are purchasing a crossbow for security purposes, then you will need a different crossbow from a person who may own a crossbow for hunting reasons.

• Draw Weight:
This is the core specification that differentiates all crossbows. A hunting crossbow should have a draw weight of between 150-200 pounds. Bear in mind that the heavier the crossbow, the faster and easier it will be to kill your prey. A good crossbow should be able to shoot a whitetail at medium ranges.

• Your Strength:
If you are strong, then you should consider going for the crossbow that has a heavy draw weight. On the other hand, if you are not particularly active, you should settle for a crossbow that is flexible and has a significant range draw weight.

The Different Crossbow Brands

• Barnett Crossbows: Barnett is synonymous with compound crossbows. Their products are made with very high-quality materials and have been driving innovations in crossbow technologies, starting with ‘self-cocking’ devices and reaching ‘fully-integrated crank cocking’ device attachments.

This crossbow’s draw weight is typically medium ranging from the one with the smallest, which is the Panzer V which has a draw weight of 125 pounds, to the Ghost 410 which has a draw weight of 185 pounds.

They are heavy a bit, just like most compound crossbows but their price range is very reasonable. Also, the company sells accessories to make sure that you can fix your crossbows if you ever need a spare.

Barnett offers carbon bolts for all the different types of crossbows that they sell. Besides, they offer scopes that are compatible with all the crossbows from their company. Barnett’s crossbows look nice, and they have a style that is smooth with close attention to details when compared to most crossbows out there. More often than not, Barnett crossbows come with a five-year warranty.

• Precision Shooting Equipment (PSE)
These crossbow manufacturers have a reputation for always paying attention to the details in shooting equipment. They have improved bow constructions and have carried out various experiments with different accessory types.

They specialize in making compound crossbows that have draw weights of between 150 -185 pounds and speeds between 310 FPS to 330FPs. The PSE crossbow is a very powerful crossbow, and with the right range, they have the ability to put down a cape buffalo.

They are quite heavy, and you might be needing string silencers and limb dampeners as they are quite noisy.  barnett buck commander extreme review come with a lifetime warranty although the company gets to decide whether the warranty is applicable. The company also sells crossbow accessories for their products such as bolts with Carbon Force Lineup and TAC lineup.

• Southern Crossbow
This brand of crossbows works to inculcate new shooting technologies into the crossbow field. They are mostly suitable for shooters that are familiar with the AR platform.

Also, a wide variety of tactical accessories can be used with their products. This brand of crossbows is usually compound crossbows that have draw weights ranging from 155 to 200 pounds. They all have quick and quiet cams, as well as mounted scopes.

They have very adjustable buttstocks, are easy to customize and also come with a decent warranty that is limited to a lifetime. Every Southern Crossbow has a Picatinny rail, which allows for easy customization and a vertical fore grip.

One of the best things about this crossbow is that most of the essential accessories which include bolts, scopes, and cocking aids are included when you purchase it.

• Excalibur Crossbows
The Excalibur Crossbows are considered to be the crossbow producers for hunters making crossbows. This brand of crossbows pinpoints accuracy with unparalleled speed and reliability among the other best crossbow brands.

Excalibur produces a reasonable amount of accessories at low prices. They stand out from the other crossbow brands in the sense that they are very lightweight, weighing less than six pounds.

They are popular for being very fast with speeds ranging from 305 to 350 FPS and are also easy to carry about. All Excalibur are recurved crossbows and is ideal for a beginner.

A deal breaker with the Excalibur is its maneuverability, which is very necessary for every crossbow. Their accessories include crossbow bolts that are made of carbon, crossbow cases that are made up of camouflage fabric which is fashioned to shield your crossbow from weather elements, and various other accessories including cocking aids, stringers, and scopes.

• Bear Archery
This company is known mostly for their compound bows, in addition to being one of the best crossbow brands. Their crossbows are popular for their power, precision, and accuracy. They are very heavy, just like all other compound crossbows.

Their draw weights range from 125 to 200 pounds, making these crossbows very flexible. The company concentrates mainly on the exterior, which makes their crossbows to stand out from the rest. The company also sells a broad range of crossbow accessories ranging from crossbow bolts to vision scopes. The Bear Archery crossbows are ideal for experienced archers and hunters.

• Southland Archery Supply
This company is well known for both their compound and recurve crossbows. The compound crossbows have draw weights that range between 150-200 pounds and the recurve crossbows have draw weights that range between 125-175 pounds. Their recurve crossbows are highly recommended for beginners because of their ease of use and abundant safety features.

On the other hand, experienced hunters and archers should opt for the compound crossbows due to their power, speed, and accuracy. The company also offers a wide range of accessories ranging from visual scopes to bolts.


We found ourselves falling over the Southland Archery Supply due to the duality of its products; producing both the compound and recurve crossbows, which are ideal for both beginners and professionals. This Crossbow brand delivers crossbows that are easy to use, very powerful and fast, as well as accurate.